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BioTroopers Camp Registration

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2023 Summer Camp Registration Open!

When: July 4 - Aug 11, 2023

Ages: 6 - 12 years

Where: Oakville and Burlington

Join us for 5 weeks of hands-on  and exciting biology this summer! The little scientists will learn about the incredible human body through model building and experiments, explore cells, chromosomes and DNA, and dive deep into ocean and lake life, walk with dinosaurs and other pre-historic creatures, and learn about search for life in outer space! Check out our curriculum here.


March Break Camp - 2023 Registration closed

When: March 13 -17, 2023

Ages: 6 - 9 years

Where: 407 Iroquois Shore Rd, Oakville

Our March Break hands-on STEAM camp provides little scientists with tools and avenues to discover exciting topics in biology such as microbiology, forensic biology, ecology and more over the week using hands-on and fun experiments and activities

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