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Our Curriculum

Biology is diverse, complex and all around us. From microscopic organisms that co-inhabit this world with us to prehistoric behemoths that walked this planet (and everything else in between!), it’s the underlying biology which unites everything. We think biology is inherently fascinating, and our goal is for our curriculum to reflect this diversity through an array of exciting topics ranging from microbiology to paleontology.

Concepts stick better when they are learned hands-on- this is the foundation of our curriculum. We use the scientific method where each day, a research question is posed, and the little scientists are tasked with solving this using hands-on experiments, critical and creative thinking, problem solving and decision making skills. 

We believe there is a biotrooper in all of us. Our goal is to provide a program in the Halton community where kids have a space to discover this amazing world of biology.

See below our curriculum (Note: For more information on camp schedule, see the programs page.)


Spring Break '24 Curriculum

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Life in Extremes: Bacteria, Tubeworms and Tardis!

Extremophiles are organisms that live in places which humans would consider extreme. Dive into the weird and wacky world of extremophiles and explore how they live using experiments, lab tools such as microscopes, art and model building.

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Freeze and Thrive: Ice Age Adaptations

What does it take to survive an ice age?  Take a trip back to the Pleistocene era to the land where woolly mammoths and saber tooth cats roamed. How was their environment different from today? What adaptations helped them survive? Using experiments, simulations and art, explore this lost world.

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Kitchen Science: How Cooking Works

Calling all chefs! Have you wondered why liquid eggs turn solid when heated? How do bacteria help in making yogurt? What haapens to Vitamic C when cooked?  Conduct hands-on experiments using real food and explore the underlying science of cooking.

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Evolution: From Dinosaurs to Birds

Explore the story of evolution  - from the first single celled bacteria to jellies, and pre-historic dinosaurs to birds of today. Are mosasaurs distant relatives of snakes of today? How do we know birds are dinosaurs?  Find answers to these questions and more using hands-on experiments, model building and art! 

Incredible Human Body: The Sense-ible Brain

Discover how the brain makes sense of the world. Explore the sense of sight, taste, touch, hearing, smell and proprioception to understand what makes the human body so incredible. Research questions, experiments, art and music galore!

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After-school and Workshop Curriculum

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The Incredible Human Body

Discover the intricate mechanisms which make the human body tick! We will use fun and interactive experiments and model building to learn about the heart, lungs, digestive system, immune system, senses and more.

Image by Sangharsh Lohakare

What's in Your Genes

Join us in this fun workshop to learn about what makes us, us! We will go microscopic and deep dive into the world of chromosomes and DNA, and how this is related to evolution, animal behaviours and more! Kids will get to be molecular biologists with some hands-on cell and DNA related experiments using lab equipment and tools.

Image by Timothy Dykes

Biology Matters

In this hands-on workshop, we will explore subjects where biology meets other fields such as astrobiology, paleontology, bioengineering and more! We will conduct experiments to understand life in outer space, learn about fossils and make our own, explore how engineering is applied in the field of biology through prosthetics and more!


Genetics Lab

We are all more similar than different - that is 99.9% identical in  our genetic makeup to other human beings, and our differences come from only the remaining 0.1%! Join us in this fun workshop to learn about genetics (by the end of the class, kids will feel proud of themselves when they learn a new (genetic) alphabet- ATGC). Kids will get to be molecular biologists with some hands-on DNA related experiments. 


Microscopic World of Microbes

Microbes sound scary - but they do us so much good. We are made up of 10X more microbial cells than our own. So for this workshop, we will be putting down our hand sanitizers and getting to know the world of microbes we are surrounded by! We will be stepping into the shoes of microbiologists with some hands-on microbiology experiments. 


Ecosystems of the World

We are deeply linked to the world around and each of us have a role to play in the conservation of Earth's natural resources. To appreciate this better, we learn about ecosystems and how some of the smallest organisms in the soil run the world! Our little ecologists will be getting their hands dirty (don't worry- they'll have gloves on!) by digging up soil critters and learning how everything is connected.


Mysterious World of Forensic Biology

The game is afoot! A crime has been committed and the BioTroopers will be using their deductive, observation and reasoning skills together with a dose of forensic biology techniques to solve a mystery!


Fossil Stories

Did you know that you can tell a fossil from regular rock by licking it? If its a fossil, your tongue will ever so slightly stick, due to its mineral composition and its porous nature. In this workshop, however, we will be using other hands-on techniques to study fossils. Kids will be donning their paleontologist hats to learn about the pre-historic world including dinosaurs!

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