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Our Curriculum

Biology is diverse, complex and all around us. From microscopic organisms that co-inhabit this world with us to prehistoric behemoths that walked this planet (and everything else in between!), it’s the underlying biology which unites everything. We think biology is inherently fascinating, and our goal is for our curriculum to reflect this diversity through an array of exciting topics ranging from microbiology to paleontology. We use the scientific method where each day, a research question is posed, and the little scientists are tasked with solving this using hands-on experiments, critical and creative thinking, problem solving and decision making skills. 

We believe there is a biotrooper in all of us. Our goal is to provide a program where kids have a space to discover this amazing world of biology. See below for our summer camp curriculum.  Reach out to us to learn about the array of other subjects we cover.


Summer Camp '24 Curriculum

Click through the following tabs to get an overview of our 2024 summer camp curriculum being provided in Burlington, ON. 

Journey Into the Cell

Cells are the basic building blocks of every living form. Go microscopic to explore the inner workings of the cell. Find out answers to questions such as how does the cell get energy to do all the things it does? How does it know what role it needs to play? What makes DNA an amazing storage device?  Step into the shoes of cell biologists and geneticists this week! 


July 2 -July 5 from 9AM-4PM &

July 22 -26 from 9AM - 4PM

Price: $385/week ($310/ short week)

Where: Ashwood Glen School, Burlington

After-care available from 4PM - 5:30PM for $55/week ($44/short week)

A girl looking into a microscope at genes

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