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Asked Questions

  • Who are we?
    We are a STEAM- based education program focused on life sciences and biology. Our passion is biology and our goal is to foster curiosity in kids for the living world around them and their role in it. These fledgling biochemists, molecular biologists, doctors and astrobiologists are the future, and we want to give them the foundational skills to reach their potential using a fun, engaging and hands-on approach.
  • What is the format of the BioTroopers lesson plan?
    The format is designed to encourage kids to critically think, make decisions and solve problems, in addition to learning biology concepts. Our lessons have been developed with experts from the specific fields with years of real life experience to ensure the experience is authentic. Each day of the week will have an exciting theme (eg. genetics, forensic biology, paleontology etc), and we will use the Scientific methodology (more on this here: to understand each day's topic. Following background research and asking the research question, the students will formulate a hypothesis and test it using hands-on experiments. Kids will fill in their observations (such as images from under a microscope) and conclusions into a lab notebook (support will be provided to the younger ones as needed) which they’ll bring back home to share with the family.
  • What age group of kids can register for the program?
    We are currently enrolling Grade 1- 4 kids into the 2023 spring break program. Future plans include expanding the curriculum to higher grades.
  • What is the student to instructor ratio?
    We aim to have a maximum of 4 students per instructor to ensure individual attention is provided to each student, and the content and pace of instruction is adjusted to each student's level.
  • Will BioTroopers be conducting summer workshops in 2024?
    Yes! BioTroopers will be offering summer workshops in 2024 with updated curriculum, so our alumni continue to have new content and new things to discover! More details can be found in our curriculum page.
  • Will BioTroopers be conducting after-school classes in 2024-2025?
    Yes! BioTroopers will be continuing our after school programming starting September 2024 through the school year. Our instructors will bring our lab to your school and provide kids with an engaging biology-focused curriculum. Please contact us to set up your biology after school club!
  • Can I schedule a meeting to learn more?
    Absolutely- we would be happy to connect! We highly encourage you to reach out at to schedule a meeting where we can answer all your questions.
  • What programs are currently offered and what is the schedule?
    We conduct camps (spring and summer), in-school and after-school workshops, and workshops for private groups. Our workshops and after-school programs focus on various subjects in biology - from microbiology to astrobiology and everything in-between! Visit our curriculum page to learn more.
  • What are the BioTroopers in-person safety guidelines?
    We prioritize safety of our students, their families and our staff. See below our safety guidelines: 1. All COVID-related guidelines will follow provincial and federal guidelines to stop the spread of the virus: a. Hand-washing policy is in effect b. If staff member is unwell, they will stay at home c. Face masks are optional. Anyone in class should feel fee to wear a mask at any given point. We can provide these upon request. d. If a student is unwell and showing symptoms of illness, they should stay home. 2. Our staff have experience working with kids and have recent police check clearance certificates. 3. We encourage kids to bring their own water bottles and a nut-free snack. Food sharing among kids is not allowed. 4. The experiments involve working with soil, organic materials such as fruit and vegetables, mud, sand etc. Students will be required to wear a lab coat, and use disposable gloves and safety goggles when required (these will be provided). Parents will be provided a consent document to read over and submit prior to their child attending camp. 5. If your child has any allergies, please let us know so we can plan for this accordingly. 6. Students will be supervised fully once they are dropped off until pick up. We encourage you to let us know if you will be late for pick up so we can plan accordingly. 7. The classroom and work benches will be cleaned and sanitized at he end of the day and in between classes. High-touch areas will be frequently sanitized. If you have any questions about our safety protocol, please reach out to us!
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